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Since 1909, German brand Rowenta has captivated the most demanding consumers with high-quality household appliances that guarantee perfect results. Faithful to its own values, the Rowenta brand has placed eco-design at the forefront of its innovation process.

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The Rowenta UK team commissioned us to build them a new website with the need for a category structure to list their various products, as well as informational pages about the company and consumer services.

The key objectives were to:

  • Build an easy to navigate product category structure.
  • Create detailed product pages with an effective layout and composition for users to easily find the product information they need.
  • Create a consumer services section for customers to contact customer services, find warranty and guarantee information, register their products and more.
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Working closely with the Rowenta team, Dodec built an online brand website and product catalogue for Rowenta UK.

The website features and easy to use navigation to browse the various Rowenta product categories and find product information.

As well as the product catalogue, the website includes a consumer services area for customers to use to find help and support.

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Rowenta UK website laptop visual Rowenta UK website laptop visual

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