Medical Outcomes
Capturing and analysing patient outcomes data

The Client

The Regenerative Clinic is a world leading global clinic with experts providing regenerative treatments for orthopaedic and sport injuries, arthritis, facial aesthetics and gynaecological conditions.

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Medical Outcomes
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Our client provides innovative regenerative treatments, specialising in avoiding surgery wherever possible.

Our client needed a way to captured data to highlight and present the advantages of minimally invasive treatments. The key objectives were to be able to:

  • Digitally send and capture patient outcomes results from questionnaires.
  • Build and analyse data reports based off patient answers.
  • Manage patients and treatment schedules.
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Working closely with the team at The Regenerative Clinic, Dodec provided an effective online application to capture and analyse patient outcomes data.

The application provides an easy to use online portal for patients to fill out and submit their answers. The analyst team can then access the backoffice interface to view and manage patient data and treatment schedules. The application also has an array of powerful reporting tools to generate graphs and visual data sets based on the captured patient data.

All data is stored on servers compliant to medical regulation and secured with state of the art encryption.

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