Conference suite mobile apps
A collection of apps aimed to guide users around live conference events

The Client

Our client, Profile Productions, specialises in the organisation of educational conferences and exhibitions for the healthcare sector.

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Our client required us to build an app conference suite aimed to guide users around a live event.

The app detailed which events were taking place and needed to show where and what time they would be. The key objectives were to be able to:

  • Search for events and see the schedule for each day
  • Find general information about the venue location and transport options
  • Find information about the Speakers and Exhibitors at each event
  • The ability for users to be able to add their favourite events and bookmark them for quick access
  • Take in-app notes and email them
  • Participate in live voting polls
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Working closely with the client, Dodec launched the app suite across Android and iOS.

The apps provide an effective soloution for users to find information about the events, including searching for speakers and exhibitors, looking up venue information and the event schedule.

The apps have interactive live voting so users can participate in polls and have their say.

A full authentication system is in place to allow users to create accounts to persist their data.

In addition, a CMS system has been created to communicate with the apps to allow our client to update information within the app, on the fly, without app updates being required.

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